Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In my absence

Hey,  blog absence.  What's up?  My sister got married.  We went to Free Comic Book Day.  I won Aidan a place at a soccer clinic plus free dinner and tickets to the game. Chris's students' metal arts show (all three took home prizes.  I'm a little proud of him.  He has work on display there, as well).Things have calmed down in the last half of the month, we've changed callings (volunteer jobs) at church, and are just trying to get through the last month of school for both Aidan and Chris. 

In crafty news, I spent a lot of time sewing in the week leading up to the wedding,    I made a pair of pajama pants, valances for my mother, and bow ties for my fellas.   I only got pictures of the last,  but I think they looked pretty darn handsome.  (Yes I am still making them wear their sweater vests everywhere. )  I've got some cross-stitch and knitting in the works as well, and I'm trying to work some sewing into the day when Colin will nap. 

I've been trying to read a lot, and I'm still 2 books behind on my one-book-per-week goal.  I'm enjoying it a lot,though, and I'll write later about what I've read in the last little while. 

Beyond that, it's just the end of the school year busyness.  We have field trips, curriculum nights,  dance recitals, prom, graduation.  If I can survive until June 14, things ease up a lot after that. 


  1. I was going to say the same thing balloongal said. Beautiful family and fun adventures.


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