Friday, May 3, 2013

What a Week

May came bringing  gorgeous Northwest spring weather this week. While I was glad to see April headed out, May came thundering in like a herd of elephants and knocked me on my butt, and I felt a bit like Aidan in this picture-  wondering what I'd gotten myself into.

My sister is getting married in eight days.  There have been lots of opportunities to help friends and family this week, and more to come next week.  Colin has been acting like a wild animal, and I feel like I can barely make any progress on anything, because I'm too busy putting out the metaphorical  fires he starts.  By the end of the day, I feel like I've "dumped out my bucket"  as Aidan put it, after hearing this story at school.

So I've been coping by setting goals for after the wedding, and also, of course, by eating my feelings.  You know how it goes.  

I've caught up a bit on my goal to read a book every week.  I'm only two behind now, and not four, as I was at the beginning of last month.  So that's better.   I've also been working up a plan to improve my sewing, with the goal to participate next year in Me-Made-May.  I'm getting excited for that.  Next week, I'll write more about the books I read in April, and May goals.  Top of the list:  Survive.

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