Friday, July 12, 2013

52 Projects: Everything Else!

Today's group is a mishmash of what doesn't fit neatly into other categories.  

I'm really excited about these shoes.  Well, I was.  I had a dingy pair of white canvas flats that I wanted to make last through the summer.  Figuring I couldn't make them worse, I took the bows off  the toes,  then painted them.  I get lots of compliments, until the other day when I managed to get a small rip in the toe.  I'm sure it can be mended just enough to get me through the summer, which is more than I was going to get out of the grungy white slippers. 

Earlier this year, I was asked to lead 15 minutes of music for our church's nursery each week.  So the two crafts you see below are song props that we use.  Not pictured are the toilet paper tube maracas, or pom pom 'baby bumble bees' that are very popular, and thankfully, very, very, durable.  There's the "Jesus wants me for Sunbeam" masks, more often worn as crowns by the littles...

...and a felt Flip Flap Jack, which really just makes me feel hungry each week, but we have fun with him. 

Also not pictured are the clay ornaments we made for Mother's Day, as those went out before I could get a picture. 

That's it!  Thanks for reading and checking out what I've been up to.  I've been doing some alterations for a friend this week, but am excited to get back to other creative projects that have been sitting unfinished.  Have a great weekend! 

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  1. These are all so cute! It was nice meeting you at UCU today!

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